How To Insure Your Thoroughbred Stallion


When you own a thoroughbred stallion it is not like owning any kind of horse; although your love for your animals will be equal between all of your extended and adopted family you will need to take extra care of your stallion by taking out stallion insurance. Thoroughbred insurance for your stallion can ensure you the very best health care for your animal and it will also protect you in the event of theft or injury.

lonhro_confo1When you own a stallion you will most likely be the envy of all those around you; this however can sometimes have an adverse effect that you do not want. Although stealing your pride and joy is not something that is likely to happen you should always be insured against the possibility. Just like if you own a fast and expensive motor vehicle you would not take out third party insurance; when you own a stallion you will not take out a standard equine insurance policy.

The exact insurance that you take out for your stallion will depend on whether he will attend public shows, whether he will be transported frequently in a horse box, and whether there is security where he will be kept at night. Although you never want to think about the worst thing that could possibly happen to your animal, it always pays to be insured in case something does happen.

prospectedconfWhen choosing an insurance for your stallion you should look only to the most reputable providers; although looking online will bring up the lowest prices when you are insuring an animal that is worth a great deal of money you need to be looking for the very best insurance and not just the minimal and cheapest policy that is available to you.

When comparing different insurers for your stallion you should look carefully about what will be included in your insurance policy; this means ensuring that the excess will be sufficiently low enough for your needs and that the actual amount your animal is insured for is actually the amount that he is worth.

3219458Once you have found a few possible companies that can provide you with insurance for your stallion you should phone them for more details; never expect to actually get a final price for your insurance online. In order to determine the exact price of your medical cover you will need to supply many details to the insurance provider including the age and breed of your stallion as well as precise details on where he will be kept.

Insuring a stallion can be compared to insuring a sports car; only the very best will suffice. Your insurance policy will cover you against illness, theft, injury, and in the case that your stallion will be shown publically liability cover will be included in the cost. Check out the best offers online today and find the very best price for your stallion insurance, allowing you and your precious animal to sleep safe and sound every single night of the year.