The Importance of Purchasing Eventing Insurance for your Horse

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When you own a horse that you wish to enter into competitions in show jumping and eventing you will need to take out the appropriate insurance policy that will cover you in the event of accident or injury. The eventing insurance you take out will be very different from a standard equine insurance policy; when your horse will be competing you will need to make sure that you are covered from the moment you leave home till the moment that you arrive back home.

SHOWJUMPING_a_326465cShowjumping insurance is a special kind of insurance policy that you can take out for your animal; it will cover accidents and injury that occur while your animal is competing as well as public liability where applicable. Unfortunately it is commonplace for horses to be injured when they are show jumping; for this reason you will need special insurance cover that is different from a normal equine insurance you will take out for your animal.

A normal equine insurance would cover you for Veterinary bills that you may incur when your animal gets sick; however a standard equine insurance will not cover you in the event that an accident occurs during a competition. The chances of your animal becoming injured becomes greatly increased when she will be competing and jumping; for this you will need to take out a separate insurance policy or add to your existing policy.

Shane Rose and Virgil winners of the Be the Influence Equestrian Grand Final in Exhibition EventingWhen your horse is attending show jumping events your insurance will also cover you whilst your horse is in transit in her box, and it will cover you for public liability in case damage to another animal or a public or private building occurs as a result of the actions of your animal. Although the likelihood of your animal attacking or injuring someone may seem very slim, these things do occur and you will need to be covered just in case.

To find the best event insurance for your horse you can speak to your current equine insurance provider or you can conduct an online search for the provider of specialist insurance. When you are searching for a cover policy for your animal you must include all the necessary details about your animal; this will include the age, the breed, and also the amount of competitions that you will be entering.

Burghley 2014 1st TrotWhen your horse will be attending events and show jumping having the correct insurance for your animal is extremely important. Ensure that you take out sufficient insurance and that you as well as the public and your animal will be insured and that no matter what happens you can rely on your insurance company. Just as you would take out extra insurance on your car if you were going to go racing in it, when you are going to enter events with your horse you need to ensure that you are fully insured and that your animal will get the correct medical treatment where necessary as well as the assistance that you will need in your time of need.