Steps On Putting On A Horse Driving Harness

Having a horse is a very productive and useful thing to have most especially when you are working with a farm. This will help you loading things, especially when they are a traveling, yet this may require you to get things done first such as putting up driving harnesses in order for your horse to hold the cart or a wagon that you will be using in loading of your goods. The following are simplified things that will help you a lot when it comes to putting up a horse’s driving harness. This way, you may also be able to control your horse’s direction.

The very first thing that you will prepare is the coat of your horse; you must free them from any dirt, this way will avoid some irritations to happen in its skin that maybe caused by rubbing of debris during the travel. Using a brush will do the thing, make sure that this is a dry brush so that dirt will not stick.

Then, time for you to place the collar of the harness around the horse’s neck. Be sure also that you are familiar with the different parts of harness so that you could follow through with the steps properly. Now, place the collar pad under the collar itself for your horse not to feel any discomfort in the long run. Make sure also that the placement of the collar is evenly done with the horse’s breast.

Then, it’s time for you to lay the harness to be placed on the collar’s top making sure that the square flats of the harness ate placed also on the collar’s top. After which, you may now proceed to tighten the hame strap, this strap serves as the harness’s portion that may get along with the chest of your horse letting it serve as the assurance that the harness will work properly.

After which, you can now place into your horse the saddle part of your harness making sure that this is also positioned quite far from the standard distant measurement of riding saddle. See to it the girth of the saddle will get underneath the belly. Tight things up until it would be quite snugly then secure everything with proper checking.

Now, get your horse bridled, putting on bridle may be done like what you are doing with riding bridle. This may work when you position the bit to the mouth of your horse towards the bridle’s top along your horse’s ears, then fasten the bridle found in your horse’s throat.

Last thing that you must do is the threading the reins all throughout the guides of the bridle until you see that everything is now set properly. So load things up now and everything is ready to get going. These steps may help you in doing the lungie bungies securely and safety so that you could reach your destination well and safe. You may now seatback and prepare to start up.